How To Sell $5K+ Programs

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I'll Create and Manage a Campaign To

Bring in 5-6 Figures in 30 Days

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My System



Send emails that get people interested and replying to you.



Qualify over email to see if they're a fit for your course or program.



If they're a fit, send the details in a video, or Google/Word doc & close the sale.

Before reaching out

This is not for everyone.

Only reach out if you have:

  • A product or service over $500

  • An email list over 1,000 people

  • A relationship with your list

If that's you... then hit the button above and send me an email with "CHAT" in the subject line.We'll have a quick chat over email and I'll give you all the details of my "5-6 figures in 30 days" campaign.

Some of My Clients

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